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Virtually Female

Austin Chase was a pledge for the Kappa Alpha fraternity. After stealing a sorority girl's panties as a step for a fraternity initiation, he is required to put them on and wear them to the induction ceremony. But these aren't a pair of normal panties. This launches Austin into a world where he's controlling what he thinks is another girl, but is actually him controlling himself and changing his world as he transforms into Vicki, the buxom bombshell roommate of the "victim," Mindy Trasker, the president of the Kappa sister sorority, Kappa Alpha Theta.

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That's So Cliché

Caroline has a great loathing for the world being dominated by men. To change that, she’s using her programming skills to make some additions to a very special Blu-Ray disc that will be a life-changing experience for Carl and his girlfriend, Sara. Oh, and she also happens to be a witch. Mankind won’t know what has hit them!

Available on the Amazon Kindle Store  |  $1.99

The Girl Factory

Thomas is a poor, soon-to-be down-and-out guy that has had the worst week ever! He just lost his job and ends up pissing off his now ex-girlfriend, Miranda. He has no idea what she has lurking in the underground space deep below and between her small store, The Doll Factory, and the nightclub, The Girl Factory. He's about to find out though!

Available on the Amazon Kindle Store  |  $1.99

Transformation Station: Volume 1

Welcome to the Transformation Station. Come inside and experience the erotic tales of change - from male to female and into latex love dolls, wind-up toys and mannequins! The sensual changes are awaiting all who enter. Join us!

Transformation Station: Volume 1 is a collection of ten short stories about transformations, most published originally on the Transformation Junction website, then later published on sensualpink.com. All of the stories in this compilation have been updated and edited for publication.

Stories include "With Friends Like These," "Winding Down," Another Day in the Toy Pile," "Filled Under the Stars," "Pole Vault," "Picnic Anyone?" "Life Preserver," "The Tahitian Doll," "Fill Her Up," and "Love Buttons."

Available on the Amazon Kindle Store  |  $4.99

With Friends Like These
Transgender, Bizarre Body Modifications, Chemical or Drug Induced Change, Mannequin or Doll, Sci-Fi, Use of Sex Toys

My first transformation story. Terry and Dan had been competitive friends almost as long as they can remember. When a high-powered position at the engineering plant comes into view and Terry is rumored to be the choice, Dan must find a way to stop it. With the help of his girlfriend Sandi, a biotech assistant at work, Terry is in for the change of his life.

Available on the Amazon Kindle Store  |  $0.99

Winding Down
Magical Transformations, Mannequin or Doll

Candi and Sara take a break from their studies and take a trip to a local carnival. While there, they find a strange little machine called "Futures Revealed" which spits out cryptic cards. What do the cards mean for the girls? A strange little man knows the answer.

Available on the Amazon Kindle Store  |  $0.99

Another Day In the Toy Pile
Magical Transformations, Mannequin or Doll

Kristen loved her toys. As her birthday arrives, her roommate Keri buys her something that will fulfill her greatest desire.

Available on the Amazon Kindle Store  |  $0.99

Filled Under the Stars
Bizarre Body Modifications, Chemical or Drug Induced Change, Magical Transformations, Mannequin or Doll

Cammy is excited to be heading out with Steve on their yearly camping trip. It's their chance to get away from the rest of the world and just have time alone. This year, Steve has something "special" planned for Cammy and her life will never be the same! Now if she could only find out what Steve did with the inflatable mattress.

Available on the Amazon Kindle Store  |  $0.99

Pole Vault
Sci-Fi, Chemical or Drug Induced Change, Magical Transformations, Mannequin or Doll, Use of Sex Toys

Lara was an athletic girl turned interior designer. She has been helping Ted, a former high school and college friend, design the ultimate sports museum. The night before the opening, Lara discovers the real meaning of the mysterious room on the plans labeled "Pole Vault."

Available on the Amazon Kindle Store  |  $0.99

Picnic Anyone?
Bizarre Body Modifications, Sci-Fi, Magical Transformations, Mannequin or Doll, Use of Sex Toys

Robyn had been working on the ultimate fantasy machine with her boyfriend John and their good friend Dave. When it nears completion, John has been gone and Robyn takes the opportunity to test her ultimate sex fantasy program with Dave. If she only knew that John had planned a few modifications to the machine...

Available on the Amazon Kindle Store  |  $0.99

Life Preserver
Bizarre Body Modifications, Sci-Fi, Chemical or Drug Induced Change, Mannequin or Doll, Use of Sex Toys

Jen had been waiting for summer to come all school year. Finally it was here and she would be able to apply to become one of the lifeguards on The Strand in San Diego. Her qualifications were great! The only thing that stood in her way was her long-time rival, the rich and prissy Mandy.

Available on the Amazon Kindle Store  |  $0.99

The Tahitian Doll
Chemical or Drug Induced Change, Mannequin or Doll

Lani, Amy and Sarah were waiting for a great opportunity to have a girl's night out. The perfect opportunity came with the opening of a new nightclub, The Tahitian Doll, a tropical themed paradise of the night. When the girls arrive, they keep their eyes on the waiter, not knowing what the bartender has in mind.

Available on the Amazon Kindle Store  |  $0.99

Fill Her Up
Sci-Fi, Magical Transformations, Mannequin or Doll, Use of Sex Toys

Jasmine is getting worried about her relationship with John. He keeps putting off their dates. But hey, he keeps leaving wonderful toys for her to play with. John's ultimate toy creation, the TransFuse LD Vibracoil dildo is waiting for her. Smaller batteries. Longer lasting. More intensive. Life changing. If only she knew how true that was!

Available on the Amazon Kindle Store  |  $0.99

Love Buttons
Magical Transformations, Mannequin or Doll

Tara gets caught up in a sensational pleasure world as she learns about Steve and his magical abilities for manipulating "love buttons" and the changes they being with them.

Available on the Amazon Kindle Store  |  $0.99

latest news


Took way too long, but our latest story, "Virtually Female," is now available on the Amazon Kindle Store.




It took me 8 months, but I finally submitted my latest piece of transformation fiction to Amazon's Kindle Store. I admit that I'm such a slacker when it comes to writing. :P (Not that I'm not a slacker in other places, so this is not a surprise.) For the record, I do have two other stories in various states of being. Hopefully I can get something new done faster with the next story.




There have been a few changes to the covers for the eBooks. We made the tweaks to keep the layouts consistent with the cover for "The Girl Factory" and to make sure the images were all a bit more unique. The original covers were the images from the original stories by MadBirdCZ and I didn't want to run afowl of him. There are one or two that are hard to create new versions for, so those are still based on the same images, but for the others, I went with something more generic, just in case. Don't want to get up on anyone's legal bad side. Yeah. I'm liking the new covers, so it's all good.




The Girl Factory has been submitted to Amazon and we're awaiting approval and publishing to the Kindle Store! Hopefully be up and available for sale by the end of the day!


UPDATE: And the ebook is now online! Go buy it today!




Here's the latest with me: I have brand new story in the works. It's a transgender transformation story called "The Girl Factory." Once I have it all done and edited, it'll be on the Kindle Store and available for the masses. Keep an eye out here for the news on the release date.



Hi everyone! Welcome to the new sensualPINK site. It's been a really long time since I've had a good update here, so it was time. And in connection with the publication of all my current stories on the Amazon Kindle store, it was a good time to update things here.

And, in better news, I'm working on a new trasngender transformation story called "The Girl Factory." It's in some early planning stages, but it's good to have a new story in the works.



Hey all! Long time no update. I've got some good news. A new version of the site is i the works. I also have starting publishing all of my stories on Amazon, so now you can get nice ebook versions of all my stories in a nice, neat package for $0.99 each! Or if you want to get the compilation of everything that I've written so far, you can get Transformation Station: Vol 1 for $3.99. Quite the bargain! Check them out on my Amazon Author page.

More when I have it.

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